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The ABINGERS Podcast is a fun show of three friends who love discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ALL things nerd, old and new. Brandon, Clinton, and Emmy bring unique perspectives into the discussion and always take the show off-the-rails at any given moment.

Through their banter, they have found laughter is the common theme throughout the show. Each episode is filled with nerdy analysis, side conversations, and plenty of laughs along the way. This is what makes the ABINGERS Podcast stand out from all other Marvel podcasts out there.

You can find the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and wherever podcasts are available.

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Latest Episode

The Last of Us Full Series - Review and Analysis!


The Last of Us with friends! Keith hosts a special episode of the podcast with six guests! Brandon, Emmy, Whitney, Annabelle, Amanda, and John are all here to discuss The Last of Us while Keith hosts! What did we think of the show? Which episode or moment stood out to us?

What did we think of Ellie and Joel? The relationship and how it progressed throughout the show? Side characters such as Bill, Frank, Sam, Riley, and more. The start of the show and the implications it has for the greater narrative. We also have to thirst for Daddy Joel.

Also we answer the big question. What did we think of the finale and the implications of the decision made? Join us for a fun filled and STACKED episode of The ABINGERS Podcast. Thank you to our amazing patrons who joined us for this great conversation on an incredible show.

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"This podcast is great, they really do a good job of interacting with all of their fans. They are really funny and I enjoy listening to them while I work, it makes the day go by faster. Listen to everything, cause it's all amazing!"


"Love this podcast. It always helps get me through the day at work. Feels like I'm hanging out with you guys and always a good time."


"If you ever feel like your alone in your love for these movies, I assure you these guys will make you feel right at home. Awesome chemistry, fun sidebars, and just a great review podcast to talk over this universe."


"These guys are hilarious. They genuinely care about the MCU & each other. They produce entertaining and immersive content while providing background comic knowledge and math facts."



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